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The best neighborhoods in Thessaloniki to book your accommodation

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The best neighborhoods in Thessaloniki to book your accommodation

Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. Cosmopolitan and alternative at the same time, it provides a wide variety of experiences that can satisfy every kind of visitor. Both the neighborhoods of the city center, as well as the suburbs have a very unique character that enchants even the most demanding travelers.

The city consists a  pole of attraction for many visitors each year, whether it is for a few days stay or even a long term visit. The choices you have for your accommodation are numerous: from Airbnbs to short-term rental apartments, bed and breakfast hotels and resorts in the outer area of Thessaloniki.

But which are the best neighborhoods to book your stay in Thessaloniki, in order to combine both practicality and the taste of the authentic feeling the city offers?

The alleys in the wider area of White Tower

White Tower is the trademark of Thessaloniki. The wider area of Whiter Tower is located in one of the most central but convenient parts of the city. Especially the alleys and the small streets that surround it hide some very distinctive moments of the local experience.

It is the best choice for those who want to indulge into the urban vibes of the city. Apartments that are located in streets near the White Tower, such as Ethnikis Aminis street, are in the perfect distance from all the necessary amenities and the key attraction landmarks that one should visit.

Recommended apartment in Thessaloniki: Ginger Flower in Ethnikis Aminis Street. This two bedroom apartment, with quick access in the location of Nea Paralia, constitutes an ideal choice for those who wish to spend some quiet moments while being in the city center.

The neighborhood of Hagios Demetrios

One of the most central streets of Thessaloniki, pulsating with life. Close to all the well-known sights and popular areas, the big avenue of Hagios Demetrios is suitable for any traveller, offering a wide price range of accommodation.

Just 10 minutes away from Hagias Sophia’s sidewalk and Aristotelous Square, this neighborhood can offer you moments of relaxation away from the boisterous city center. Also, choosing your accommodation in the street of Hagios Demetrios stands out from the typical tourist options.
Recommended apartment in Thessaloniki: Winterblossom in the area of Hagios Demetrios. This apartment is fully renovated, warm and cozy, with a lovely view and located next to the historical church of Saint Demetrios, one of the famous sights of the city.

Aristotelous Square

The place where the heart of the center beats could not be missing from the list. With its magnificent neoclassical buildings and with many renovated apartments in the area, Aristotelous Square is a pole of attraction for finding accommodation.

Its central spot, the variety of entertainment and leisure options nearby and its historical value make it a very good choice for those who want to be downtown during their stay.

Recommended apartment in Thessaloniki: Daisy, just a few minutes away from Aristotelous Square. Luminous, spacious and fully equipped is suitable for visitors who will spend their vacation in the city of Thessaloniki.

The neighborhood of Analipsi

At first glance, it may look like a strange choice. However, the family atmosphere that exudes will definitely magnetize you during your stay.

Just a few minutes away from the area of Nea Paralia and at the same time in a close distance from sights like the Οpera House, Analipsi is the location for those who are looking for tranquility out of the city center, without missing the urban vibes.

Recommended apartment in Thessaloniki: Orange, in the neighborhood of Analipsi. With many means of public transportation nearby that serve your commute to the city center and also a lot of activities and experiences in the wider region, it fits perfectly to the visitors that want to combine amenities with calmness.