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Nightlife short guide 

Everything You Need to Know for Thessaloniki's Nightlife
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Lively festivals, social events and exceptional nightlife make Thessaloniki the perfect place to live.  

To begin with, you will be pleased to know that there are six active stages of the National Theatre such as Moni Lazariston,  Concert Hall, Opera place that offers spectacles from all over the world, a great deal of cultural events: dance, art exhibition, musical performances.

In the western part of the city, a multifunctional complex called Mylos organizes concerts of Greek and foreign music, art exhibitions and a Jazz festival in September.

Nightlife is also synonymous of dance and  quality food. Principal is a popular  club where live concerts take place regularly. For those who love more quite places, we propose AIGLI, a concert hall placed in old Turkish bath, behind the church of St Dimitrios. 

Moreover, you may find yourself to experience a journey to the future at the Science Centre and Technology Museum Noesis where you can set off to discover the universe at the Planetarium, through the Simulator and at the Cosmo-theatre.

For more information on sport events, food and local habits do not hesitate to ask us; we will be pleased to help you on discovering the uniqueness of Thessaloniki.

Enjoy the city!